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  • Basic Plan

    ₹199 / month
    • 1 year, ₹ 2,388
    • 2 year, ₹ 4,298SAVE 10%
    • 3 year, ₹ 6,089SAVE 15%
    • Unlimited  Webspace
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Single Domain
    • Unlimited E-Mail ID
    • Unlimited SubDomains
    • Unlimited MYSQL Space

    Pro Plan

    ₹349 / month
    • 1 year, ₹ 4,188
    • 2 year, ₹ 7,538SAVE 10%
    • 3 year, ₹ 10,679SAVE 15%
    • Unlimited Webspace
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 3 Domains
    • Unlimited E-Mail ID
    • Unlimited SubDomains
    • Unlimited MYSQL Space
  • Business Plan

    ₹549 / month
    • 1 year, ₹ 6,588
    • 2 year, ₹ 11,858SAVE 10%
    • 3 year, ₹ 16,799SAVE 15%
    • Unlimited Webspace
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Domains
    • Unlimited E-Mail ID
    • Unlimited SubDomain
    • Unlimited MYSQL Space

What is Shared Web Hosting Services?

Shared Web Hosting means that many customer’s websites reside on a single web server, and the server resources (CPU and RAM) are shared among every customer account on the machine. In more simple words, it is based on the concept that many people living in a single apartment & share same resources with each other. Shared web hosting is the most economical option for beginners, as many people share the resources available on the server and also share the overall cost of server maintenance.

Shared Hosting Features

Get Online Faster

Your website will be online in less than 24 hours after purchasing a Shared Hosting Package. Now enjoy the better hosting experience with our powerful servers.

Reliable Infrastructure

Our servers are powered with latest technology and they can easily manage and distribute the resources, so that huge traffic spikes won’t slow your Business website.

24×7 Customer Support

We never compromise with our customer support, you will get the support you need at no extra charges. We have a well experienced technical team to fulfil your business needs.

Safety and Security

We provide multiple layers of security to our customers and protect them from the prying eyes of hackers and various malwares. All of our servers are safe, secure and reliable .

cPanel Access

You will get latest and licensed version cPanel (Control Panel) access with every hosting  to manage your files and folders easily and efficiently online at our servers.

Softaculous Installer

You will get Softaculous Installer which provides one click install feature. So, its very easy for you to install a powerful CMS and 100′s of scripts is a single click.