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How To Optimize WordPress Database from cPanel

Sep 17, 2012   //   by admin   //   Press Release  //  No Comments

If you want to optimize your WordPress database, then you can simply use WP-Optimize for this purpose but if you don’t want to use any plugin for that, then you can simply optimize your database from your Cpanel. Even we suggest you not to use any plugin for this. As more plugins will be in your site, more your site loading speed will be affected. So its better to do this simple process from cpanel. The procedure to optimize your WordPress Database using Cpanel is given below.

Steps To Optimize WordPress Database Using Cpanel

1.) First Login to your Cpanel by entering your site URL along with /Cpanel.


Optimize WordPress Database From cPanel

2.) After you enter your Cpanel, You need to scroll down a little bit and go to the Databases Section. And you will see phpMyAdmin over there. Just Click on phpMyAdmin.

How to Optimize Database From Cpanel

3.) In phpMyAdmin click on the database of your site from the left hand side panel.

Optimize WordPress Database Using Cpanel

4.) Ok now you will be able to see all of your database elements and tables. Just scroll down a little bit and click on check all. All of your database tables will get selected.

How to Optimize WordPress Database From Cpanel

5.) Now just click on the drop down menu labelled as with selected and you will see option like below image over there.

optimize your WordPress database

6.) Click Repair Table, it will repair your table.

Optimize WordPress Database From Cpanel

7.) Now click on structure at the top. And you will see same table once again, just check them all using check all at the bottom and from drop down menu select Optimize Table.

Optimize WordPress Database From Cpanel

Optimized WordPress Database From Cpanel

Optimize WordPress Database From Cpanel

If you will see something like above image, then it means your WordPress database has been optimized. Now sit back and enjoy better website loading speed.

How To Reduce CPU Usage and Minimize Server Load

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If you are here then you were searching for How to reduce CPU usage and minimize server load. Many times you face errors like Error-508  Resource limit is reached. You see this error when your website uses all the resources available. Mostly this error comes in shared hosting as resources are shared between many users.

How to Reduce CPU Usage

Sometimes, web hosting companies suspend users account to minimize the server load and maintain quality of their servers and services. Then they advice you to shift your site in VPS servers. It is not possible for everyone to do so. So in this post we are going to tell you some tips to reduce CPU usage that will surely minimize the server load.

How to Reduce CPU Usage

How To Reduce CPU Usage and Minimize Server Load

Using Cache Plugin

Ultimate W3 Total Cache Settings

Using Cache Plugins will definitely help you to reduce CPU usage, as when a visitor will come to your website, a cached version will be saved into their browser memory, when the same visitor will come to your website again, he will see the cached version of your website. Only new changes will be added to that cache which will take a very small time to get updated.

You can use cache plugins like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. You can check the Best settings to configure W3 Total Cache here

Optimize Database

Optimize WordPress Database From Cpanel

Always make a habit to optimize your database. If database will be heavy, your website will take a lot of time to load properly. So it is very necessary to clean unnecessary tables in database. You can use plugins like WP- Optimize to do this process from WordPress admin panel and if you don’t want to use extra plugin for this, you can simply optimize database from cPanel with this method

Use Limited Plugin

How to Reduce CPU usage

Unnecessary plugins increase the loading speed of your website. So it is highly recommended that one should use minimum plugins as far as possible.

Recommended Plugins are:

  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Captcha
  • Akismet
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Google XML Sitemaps for Images
  • WP-Optimize
  • ShareThis ( Use Coding instead of Plugin. You can get coding on ShareThis Official Website)

Optimize Your Theme

Never use large size theme on your website. Theme should be less than 1MB. In case you want to use theme which is of greater size, file size should not exceed 1 MB. Compress Style.css File of your theme using CSS Compressor. (Make Backup of File before compressing)

Use Few Advertisements

Always use less advertisement on your website because it increases the loading time of your website which automatically increase CPU usage.

We recommend to use only Google Adsense and Infolinks at a time. If you want to use another advertisement then you should remove any one of these advertisement programs.

Less Posts on Homepage

Always limit the number of posts showing on your homepage. We recommend to show maximum 5 posts on your website’s homepage.

Use Few and Compressed Images

We recommend you to use less images in your articles. When you upload an image, first you should compress it by using various software like Adobe Photoshop, Photoscape, Paint etc.
Loading Time is directly proportional to number of images.

Remove Unnecessary Links from Theme

When you install a theme, remove unnecessary links from the theme especially footer links.

Don’t Upload Videos

How to Reduce CPU usage

Don’t upload videos on your website where you need a video. You can embed them. For Example: If you want to post video from YOUTUBE.COM, then you should copy embed code and paste it in your article from text option.

Optimize Website and Enable Page Speed from cPanel

How to Reduce CPU usageHow to Reduce CPU usage

We highly recommend you to Optimize Website and Enable Page Speed from cPanel.

How to Reduce CPU usage

Page Speed

How to Reduce CPU usage

Optimize Website

After following the above given steps, still you facing the problem. Then its time to change your HOSTING. You can contact us for Web Hosting. We have best plans for webs hosting with best service at affordable price.