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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The latest buzz word in Internet Marketing the last couple of years.The success of the new generation of social media platforms, mainly Facebook and Twitter,changed the way we socialize, interact and shop.This also brought new channels to digital marketing as well.

1. Profile Creation Management

We will create your business profiles on popular Social sites like Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter and etc. After setting your profiles, we manage your
accounts accordingly i.e. publishing content in the form of image or video on regular basis.

2. Social Media Optimization

The use of a number of outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service brand or event
Twitter and many others.

3. Community Building and Monitoring

We build a community of users who will belong to your business category
and monitor them on regular basis. Furthermore, we will link to niche relevant
pages and communities to expand your business identity
in the relevant circle.

4. Likes, Shares and Follow

We work regularly to get better user engagement so that response on our post enhance. The number of share, likes, tweets and followers increase from active worldwide users.

5. Content Distribution

Content Distribution is the act of promoting content to online audiences in multiple media formats through various channels. We distribute and share your content on social media sites to help achieve
targeted users from diverse sources.

6. Campaigns Promotion

We start a promotion campaign for your products by sharing your business
information and products details in such a way that users will get attracted
and eventually you will get big turnovers.

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15 Graphic and posting
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Facebook+Instagram +Twitter+Pinterest
Google Map Business Listing
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2 Video Creation & Distribution
Content Strategy
40 Graphic and posting
Facebook+Instagram +Twitter+Pinterest+Linkedin
Google Map Business Listing
Blog Setup
7 Blog Post
4 Video Creation & Distribution
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Terms & Condition
a) Payment must be advance for 2 Months.
b) Minimum Contract Length – 6 or 12 Months.